Midwinter Meeting

While official PPIRS business was transacted at our virtual Midwinter Meeting on 1/17/17,  PPIRS has reserved meeting space at the “non-virtual” Midwinter Meeting in Atlanta.

Past chair Roz Tedford, myself, and others will be meeting on Saturday, Jan 21, from 9-10 a.m. in the Westin Augusta Ballroom A.  Anyone wishing to discuss PPIRS topics, or just get together with other members from the Section is more than welcome to join us.


-Dave Schwieder, PPIRS Chair, 2016-2017

Virtual Midwinter Meeting

ACRL Politics, Policy and International Relations Section
January 17, 2017, 3-4 PM (Eastern).
  • Call to Order
  • New Member Introductions
  • Announcements
  • Report from Lori Ostapowicz-Critz ACRL Board Liaison
  • Approval of 2016 ALA Annual Conference Minutes
  • Old Business:
    • Committee Chair Reports.  Including (but not limited to) reports on Ongoing Section Projects:
      • LPSS – PPIRS Name Change
      • New Membership Recruitment
    • Review of Other Ongoing Section Projects:
      • Finding new virtual “home” for the Grace York Statistical Resources
      • Modifying the PPIRS Political Science Information Literacy Competency  Standards to reflect changes at the ACRL Level, i.e. the transition to the Framework for Information Literacy
  • New Business: PPIRS Meeting Space at 2017 ALA Midwinter Meeting in Atlanta
  • Adjournment

PPIRS Logo Contest

The Politics, Policy & International Relations Section of ACRL is holding a contest to find a new logo and header. The designer(s) of the winning logo will receive $50 and recognition on the PPIRS Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as our website.

Required Design Elements:

  • Logo should include our section acronym (PPIRS) and/or name.
  • Logo/Header must be vectored for use on various sized marketing materials
  • Header should include the Logo, the section’s full name, and “Association of College & Research Libraries” & “American Library Association” somewhere.


Designs should be submitted to moberlie@gmu.edu by January 19, 2017

Submit a nomination for the Marta Lange/SAGE-CQ Press Award


There’s still time to submit nominations for the Marta Lange/SAGE-CQ Press Award!

Consider nominating an academic, government, or law librarian (or group) who has made distinguished contributions to the library profession through research, service, or other creative activity.

We’re looking for librarians who have made  distinguished contributions to librarianship in political science, international affairs, policy, law, and government related fields. Contributions to the profession take many forms, and we have designated the following categories as ones worthy of recognition:

  • Innovation in teaching and learning Recognizes the development or improvement of significant educational resources and/or services for use in the teaching and learning of law, politics or policy related fields;
  • Scholarship and research Recognizes significant scholarly and research contributions in law, politics or policy related librarianship;
  • Service to the profession Recognizes significant leadership and active participation in the library profession, as well as law, politics or policy related librarianship;
  • Mentorship Recognizes ongoing and significant efforts to support and assist colleagues, especially those beginning their professional careers and/or new to law, politics or policy related librarianship;
  • Civic engagement Recognizes ongoing and significant efforts to connect the library to its broader communities around law, politics or policy related issues; and/or
  • Lifetime achievement Recognizes the cumulative career achievements of political science, international affairs, policy, law, and government related librarianship, including achievements in several of the following: scholarship (publications and presentations), service to the profession (professional organization and committee work), instruction and reference services, mentorship, library outreach and civic engagement. This prestigious recognition is given to librarians with at least 20 years of service to the profession.

More information about these categories and examples of each are available at


The award recipient receives $1,000 and a plaque sponsored by SAGE-CQ Press.


Nominations must include the name and contact information of the nominee. Please select the category or categories where the nominee has made the most contributions, or that best fits the activities for which the nominee should be recognized. Provide a short narrative supporting the nomination in the selected category(ies). Nominations can span categories if the person or project meets the criteria of more than one, but the nomination should explain the contributions in each category. The narrative must speak to the impact of the nominee’s work on librarianship in political science through the areas of distinction for the selected category(ies).

The award committee will also contact the nominee’s supervisor (please provide name if known) for more detailed information and a CV, which will be considered along with the nominator’s narrative. Individuals or groups may nominate themselves or others.

Nominations are due January 11, 2017.